6 Simple Steps: Rent Storage Space

Renting a storage space from Extra Space Self Storage is very easy and simple. It does not matter if you are renting the storage space for home storage or business storage, all you have to do is to just follow these three easy steps and you'll be getting our comprehensive storage rental quotation for your planning and budgeting purposes.

Step 1: Find a location that is most convenient for you.

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We are located all around Singapore island and have the widest coverage. Extra Space has six high quality self storage facilities operating in Singapore providing storage solutions to individuals, families and businesses. In the west side of Singapore, we have Extra Space IMM Building. In the central part of Singapore, we have Extra Space Kallang Way and Extra Space Boon Keng Road, which are near to Kallang MRT station and Boon Keng MRT station. Extra Space Marymount Road is in the central north and last but not least in the eastern part of Singapore we have Extra Space Eunos Link.

You just have to choose the most convenient self storage facility location for you and you have already completed the first step of renting a storage unit.


Step 2: Size Estimator

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Next step is to use our online size estimator to estimate the storage size you require. Our online size estimator gives you a general guide by providing illustration and dimension information on some of our popular storage store sizes. How much storage space you need to rent is dependent on the number of items intended for storage. The shape of the items and whether your items can be stacked up also affects the storage size needed. Nonetheless, we have a big range of sizes, so simply choose the size you need. You save money by not paying for space that you don't use.

Fret not if you are unable to determine the storage space size that you need, our friendly staff is readily available to help and guide you.

At this point you should also determine if your storage items would require 24 hours, 7 days a week air conditioned storage space. You should consider storing your items that are sensitive to temperature and humidity variances such as paintings, books, old furniture and many others in our air condition storage space.


Step 3: Contact Us - Hotline: +65 6771 3100

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After you have determined the location of self storage facility that you prefer to rent storage space at, the estimated size and storage duration, you are now ready to get a quotation from us. There are two options; you can either call up our Hotline: +65 6771 3100 or get a quotation e-mailed to you via our "Get A Quote" page. We do offer attractive discounts for longer term storage rental, so please feel free to check with our helpful staff on the latest promotions.

Once you' ve got the quotation, we encourage you to visit and view the actual unit size that you wish to rent. Do contact the self storage facility before going down to check on the availability.


Move in

Step 4: Come and Visit Us

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Once confirmation of a storage unit's availability is determined, you can now make an appointment with the storage facilities' staff to visit the actual storage unit. This process helps you to better visualize the actual size of the storage unit and at the same time gives you an opportunity to check out the facility's cleanliness, security features and actual location before the actual move in date. If you are happy with the storage space, you can then proceed to make a reservation so that it is reserved for you till you move in. We will be able to hold the reservation for one month. On the other hand, if the storage size is not suitable to your needs, we will be happy to show you other storage unit sizes that will be more suited to your storage requirements.

Box Shop

Once you have reserved a space with us, you can also check out the wide range of packaging materials available at our Box Shop to help you with your packing and also to protect your items during the moving process and storage. We offer free delivery for orders above $200, so do make arrangements with us to have the packaging materials delivered to your doorstep.


Step 5: Packing Made Simple

Packing Made Simple

You are now ready to pack your items for storage in your rental storage unit and at the same time contact the movers to assist you with the moving (if required). Our friendly staff at Extra Space will also be able to make recommendations on good movers to save you time searching for one.


Step 6: Just Move In!

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Move in when you are ready – we don’t insist that you move in on a pre-determined date. On your desired move in day, drop by to our office reception to register the rental and make payment. We only start charging the rental based on the actual move in day. We also offer specialised self storage insurance to protect your items in storage against various perils such as fire, water and forcible theft damages. If it’s worth storing, it’s worth insuring. Find out more from our staff at the reception.

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During the registration, we will also issue you an individual pin code for you to access the storage facility 24 hours, 7 days a week for free.

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Car parking spaces are free in our storage facilities and your assigned mover can also make use of our loading bays to unload your storage items. There are trolleys, step ladders as well as pallet jacks at our self storage facilities for customers’ usage and it’s free of charge; as long as you return it after use!

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Start moving in your storage items into the registered unit. Once all your items are stored nicely in your unit, remember to lock your own personal unit with your own padlock ensuring that only you have access to your storage items. If you forgot to bring a padlock, you can conveniently purchase one from our Box Shop. Your storage items are now stored in our secured facility which is protected by our access control systems, individual door alarm system (alarm will be triggered if someone else opens your storage unit) and our 24 hour CCTV system.

Access to your storage unit is free and unlimited from now onwards. Your storage term will be on a month-to-month basis till you give us a 14 days termination notice.